COVID-19 / Coronavirus         

3/19/2020 Update

We are still open to serve kiddos and families and taking all necessary precautions in order to do so safely.

Our #1 priority is the safety of everyone in the house – physical, emotional, health, environmental, etc. Our staff’s hard work has put us in a good position to handle these next few weeks.

The Isabel’s House cleaning and sanitation policy incorporates the recommended procedures dictated by the CDC, AAP, & the Health Department to prevent the spread of this virus.

A few adjustments we are making to keep everyone as safe as possible:


  • Staff are disinfecting the commonly used surfaces several times a day, with hospital-grade disinfectant.
    • Dishes are washed in a commercial-grade dishwasher at high heat.
    • Clothing and linens are washed on hot cycle.

People in the house:

  • Per the new City of Springfield Ordinance, Isabel’s House has the ability to care for a maximum of 8 children, keeping the maximum number of people in open areas to 10.
  • Visitors and any non-essential staff and individuals have been restricted.
    • Meetings are not being held at Isabel’s House.
    • We have turned to technology for community intakes and all
    • Using a COVID-19 screening process for intakes and visitors coming into the house

Care of children:

  • Isabel’s House is fortunate to have nurse practitioners provided by CoxHealth who come to the house three evenings a week to see children for well-child visits AND illnesses. Children do not need to leave the house for medical care unless it is an emergency.
  • Isabel’s House has two single bedrooms for children who may be sick or have symptoms of any illness. If a child does have symptoms we will consult a healthcare provider ASAP for guidance.
  • Posting, educating, and enforcing proper handwashing and sanitization techniques with everyone within Isabel’s House – children and staff.  We are keeping it fun for our children.

Updating procedures:

  • We are continually monitoring CDC, AAP, and Health Department guidelines for how to move forward as we receive updates.
  • We are consulting with a pediatrician on some of the guidelines to insure we are applying these guidelines in the best way for children.

As we learn new information we are adapting where needed and abiding by all updates that are communicated. Thank you for helping us keep our kiddos and families safe during this time.

Do you have questions? Please call anytime: 417-865-2273


3/16/2020 Update

We are still accepting children and helping families through their crises.

It takes an incredible amount of courage for families to reach out for help in any situation, but especially during times of personal crisis. We want to reassure families that Isabel’s House is a safe place for their children, even amidst growing concerns of the coronavirus.

We are open 24/7, 365 days a year because we know families need Isabel’s House. Our staff works diligently around the clock to ensure the safety and health of our children, families, staff, and volunteers, especially now. We follow the recommendations of the CDC and the AAP and will continue to adapt to comply with new recommendations for COVID-19 prevention.

Parents: Isabel’s House works hard every day of the year to make sure that your children are safe when they are with us, and we will continue to take steps to limit children and families’ risk of illness.

Typically, Isabel’s House conducts intakes and admits new children at local hospitals and other community organizations when needed. These services are still available. However, as a precaution, we are transitioning in-person visits like these to phone, FaceTime, or video conferencing calls.

What can you do to help? Donate – with cancellations of events, fewer people in public places, and the potential for illness, our families’ employment and pay will be impacted, making them more vulnerable to a crisis. We do ask that individuals call ahead before bringing physical donations or to hold onto them and donate them at a later date.

Thank you for helping us keep our kiddos and families safe during this time.
Isabel’s House Staff

Do you have questions? Please call anytime: 417-865-2273