Holiday FAQs

Our community loves to give. Whether it’s time, money, items, or a voice, we believe that every gift matters, because every kid matters. Take a look below at the ways you can help Isabel’s House over the holidays…

Isabel’s House Fund Raisers

Isabel’s Tree

Together, we light the way for local children by giving them a safe, loving, 24/7 refuge when their families need it most. Click the banner below to learn more about adding your light to Isabel’s Tree now through the New Year.

Holiday Parties & Gifts

Children who are staying at Isabel’s House during a holiday, their birthday, or other special occasions, such as their first day of school, are invited to celebrate. Our team is on-duty 24/7/365, and we pour our hearts into special meals, treats, and parties – we’re inspired when kids at Isabel’s House feel loved, encouraged, and hopeful.

I really want to go shopping for Isabel’s House. What should I look for?

Isabel’s House serves boys and girls, ages 0 to 12, and we meet every basic need. This may look different from week to week, but some of our biggest needs are persistent: healthy snacks, new shoes, and formula. And when it comes to toys, games, movies, and books, our shopping list looks a lot like your shopping list: the newer it is, the more our kids want it! Need more ideas?
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  • Shop from our Wish List – our most pressing needs, including things like Hair Brushes
  • Check out our Holiday List on Amazon – things that can mean a lot to our team
  • Contact us about adopting a “Christmas Miracle” – items that we don’t usually publish

Will there be children at Isabel’s House on Christmas day?

We expect to have children staying at Isabel’s House before, during, and after Christmas. Still, every crisis is different, and situations can change rapidly for our families… on the week before Christmas, we may be caring for 12 baby girls, and by Christmas day, we may be celebrating with 12 school-age boys!

web candle iconBecause the ages and stages of our children can change so much from day to day, our team is looking for a handful of “Angels-In-Waiting” to serve as holiday gift buyers for the children and the families of the children who we have at Isabel’s House in the days leading up to Christmas. Please contact our Development Team if you would be willing to take a call from us on December 23-24 with a very special Christmas shopping list.

Can my family or group come visit the children, throw them a party, prepare a meal, play Santa Claus, etc.

Due to COVID-19 and because we offer private and confidential services to our families, parties and special meals, during the holidays and throughout the year, are hosted by groups of volunteers who are already making regular, anticipated visits to Isabel’s House.

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Can I adopt a family or a child for the holiday season?

Not at this time, but please consider joining our “Angels-in-Waiting” (see above).

The mission of Isabel’s House keeps us focused on meeting the immediate needs of children and families in crisis. Our connection with a family continues for at least one year after a child leaves our care, and our Family Advocates connect parents and caregivers to resources in our community that can offer the kind of help they need to be strong and stable. Though we do not adopt out Isabel’s House families at this time, our team connects our families with agencies providing robust, well-developed holiday assistance programs.

CLICK HERE to learn about more ways to increase the impact of your gifts, including joining our Hope365 monthly giving family, as well as information about available tax credits!