Wish List

IMMEDIATE NEED: Please consider purchasing passes or gift cards for: **SUMMER FIELD TRIPS/ACTIVITIES** for all ages – bowling, arcade, ice cream, zoo, movies, special events, etc.

In-kind donations and are welcomed daily at Isabel’s House, 2750 West Bennett, Springfield, MO! We need help from our community to make sure our pantries and closets are stocked and ready for any variation of up to 20 kids ages birth to 12. Here are some current needs:

  • Gift Cards for clothing and household needs
  • Bus Passes (30-day) and Taxi Vouchers for families
  • New Shoes, Socks, and Undergarments, all genders/sizes
  • Size N (Newborn) Diapers
  • Kid-friendly Body Wash
  • Summertime Pajamas
  • Healthy, kid-friendly Snacks
  • “Goldbug” style Infant Socks
  • Light Bulbs (help us go long-life and energy-efficient!)
  • Card stock, white and various colors
  • Washable Markers and Tempera Paints
  • Permanent Metallic Markers/Fabric Pens
  • Age-appropriate (E) XBox video games
  • Enfamil Newborn, Infant, or Gentlease formula, unopened
  • Command Strips (all sizes)
  • LARGE Reusable Shopping Bags

Making Your Donation

When you arrive at Isabel’s House to deliver a donation, please ring the front doorbell and, when prompted, state that you are here to drop off a donation. If you are making a large gift, you may be asked by a team member to come to our back door.

Because our team works to maintain a confidential environment, please be aware that you may be asked not to enter the houseTax Receipts are available for all donations. If you have made a donation and need a tax receipt, please contact us.

Need help determining the tax-deductible value of your in-kind donation to Isabel’s House? Please refer to IRS article 561.

The Wish List at Isabel’s House is expansive and always changing! If you or your organization has an idea for a drive or collection campaign, please contact Kory Wilcox, Community Liaison: Click here.

We generally accept…

New (preferred) and gently used children’s clothing (infant through pre-teen), accessories, bedding, hygiene products, school supplies, developmentally-focused toys & games, kids’ books, craft projects, pajamas, coats, underwear, and shoes, as well as unopened snacks, drinks, formula, and cooking supplies.

If our team determines that an item you donated cannot be used well at Isabel’s House, we partner with other local organizations like Springfield Victory Mission to ensure that all gifts are able to make a tangible difference for families living in our community.

For almost all items, our “golden rule” is: if it’s not special enough for your children, it’s probably not special enough for our children!

We generally do NOT accept…

  • ITEMS FOR ADULTS & OLDER TEENS: Consider contacting Harmony House or Rare Breed.
  • LARGE APPLIANCES OR FURNITURE: Consider contacting The Kitchen or Habitat for Humanity.
  • NURSERY DECOR & STUFFED TOYS: Consider contacting LifeHouse or Sammy’s Window.
  • WORN OUT CLOTHING/ITEMS (torn, faded, stained or tattered): Please direct these to organizations such as Goodwill where they can be sorted well and then properly recycled, if needed.
  • CAR SEATS: Due to liability concerns, many charities (including Isabel’s House) cannot take used car seats or booster seats. If your seats are not expired, we recommend simply passing them on to friends & family.