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Q. Why do families come to Isabel’s House?

A. Families come to Isabel’s House when they find themselves in a crisis situation and are concerned about the safety and wellbeing of their children. These situations might include loss of a home or utilities, overwhelming parental stress, drug or alcohol rehabilitation, emergency hospital stays, fleeing domestic violence, and other similar crises. Please note: Children who are currently in the foster care system are not eligible to stay at Isabel’s House.

Q. What is it like for a child staying at Isabel’s House?

A. Isabel’s House was created to look and feel like a home: an encouraging, nurturing and comfortable place for both the family and the child. We try to provide as little interruption in a child’s life as possible. Children at Isabel’s House are fed nutritious meals and snacks daily, and enjoy a good night’s sleep under the supervision of our 24/7 Direct Care Team and assistant volunteers. Children attend school, engage with our routines and curriculum, play (inside and outside), work on the computer, create art projects and crafts, and so much more.

Q. How many beds are available at Isabel's House?

A. Isabel’s House can provide care for up to 20 children ages birth to 12 years old, but the number of kids in our house at any given time can vary. If you are facing a crisis and need to know if we have space for your family, please call our 24/7 line at (417) 865-2273.

Q. What should I expect when I bring my child to stay at Isabel’s House?

A. One of our goals is to always provide a quality, family-centered, culturally competent intake process for our children and their parents or legal guardians:

  • Upon arriving at Isabel’s House, a Family Advocate meets with the family at a designated time, or on a walk-in basis. Isabel’s House team members will meet with the family privately.
  • Children are given special activities to allow the parents quiet time to comfortably answer questions.
  • Every family is treated with respect, and confidentiality is of utmost importance. Isabel’s House is always empathetic to parental stressors, stress levels and mental state.
  • A child’s parents or legal guardians are the primary decision makers in this process, and our team is committed to offering a solution-focused dialogue.

Q. Who will take care of my child?

A. Children are cared for by an amazing group of dedicated, trained and caring staff at all times.

  • Every child receives a check-up from a nurse, and if children become sick during their stay, medical care will be provided at no cost to their family.
  • All Isabel’s House team members and volunteers have passed state and federal family and criminal background checks, as well as a drug screening.

Q. Where will my child sleep?

A. Children staying at Isabel’s House are grouped with similarly aged children in one of five shared bedrooms, with consideration given to level of development, gender, sibling groups, and need for supervision. Our team is committed to determining the most appropriate bedroom arrangement for each child.

Q. My family needs clothing, food and personal hygiene supplies. Can Isabel’s House help?

A. Isabel’s House can meet the basic needs for all children who stay with us, including clothing, food, and personal hygiene products. Clothes are individually selected and fitted, appropriate to the season, and regularly cleaned.

  • If a family is in need of additional supplies, our Family Advocates can usually help!
  • All clothing items that a child brings/wears to Isabel’s House will be laundered and sent home with the child when he or she leaves.

Q. May I visit or call my children at Isabel's House?

A. YES! Your children belong to you, and while your children are staying at Isabel’s House, you and your approved contacts will be able to visit and call. Your child will only go home with the parents or legal guardians listed in the paperwork you complete with our Family Advocate team.

Q. Will I be charged for using Isabel's House?

A. NO. No family will ever be charged to receive help from Isabel’s House. Our services are continuously supported by our community so we can focus on loving kids and supporting families in crisis.

Q. Can Isabel's House really help my family resolve our crisis?

A. Last year, over 80% of the families that used Isabel’s House for homelessness or an unsafe home resolved their short-term crisis; over 90% of the families that used Isabel’s House for hospitalization or to receive mental health care resolved their emergency situation; and almost 80% of the families that used Isabel’s House for overwhelming parental stress saw a reduction in stress after receiving crisis care services through Isabel’s House. We are here to help families stay together.

Q. Who runs Isabel’s House?

A. Isabel’s House is privately owned and operated and is funded primarily with private donations, in addition to grant dollars and a renewable contract with the state of Missouri. Click here for information on our Board of Directors and our Leadership Team. All employees at Isabel’s House, including our Leadership Team, are trained and screened in the same manner as our Direct Care Team and are highly-qualified to care for your family and your children.

Q. If I bring my children to Isabel's House, will they be taken away from me?

A. NO.Our services are entirely confidential and focused on keeping your kids safe and helping you through your crisis. All Isabel’s House team members are mandated to report suspected child abuse or neglect, but Isabel’s House does not take custody of children. Your children belong to you.

  • Though we receive some funding from the state for providing crisis care services, we are not associated with Children’s Division or the foster care system.
  • Part of our mission is to strengthen families and prevent child abuse and neglect, and while we must cooperate with state and county case workers, our team will do whatever we can to help your family stay together.

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CLICK HERE to take a 360-degree Virtual Tour of Isabel’s House, sponsored by Murney Associates.